Welcome to Steelhead Notebook

Welcome to Steelhead Notebook
Our goal is to provide our readers with valuable, up to date information to help you hook more steelhead, both winter and summer. The pages within this site contain information that has been learned over many years of fishing the waters of western Washington. Be sure to visit our very popular Discussion Forum to get in on all of the up to date tips and techniques provided by our readers, or to share your steelheading experiences with us. Some recent discussion topics are listed below:

Recent Forum Topics

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Also check out the Tips and Tutorials page for some tips to help you catch more steelhead. As always, if you find something that you would like to see on this site, drop us a line and we will do our best to add it promptly. Enjoy your visit here and let us know what you think about Steelhead Notebook.

Medical Update
In March of 2008, Karen and I were diagnosed with cancer only two days apart. Karen with breast cancer and myself with recurrance of Melanoma. I will try to provide updates as I can and you can read more about our battle against this disease or find out how you can help here......Read More

A Word from the Author
Fishing for steelhead in the rivers of Washington State is my passion. This website contains some of the knowledge that I have learned about these fish in the past twenty-five years, and the techniques that I use to hook these tremendous fighters. I practice catch and release for all wild steelhead and encourage everyone who visits this site to do the same. These fish are much too valuable to end up in a freezer in someone's garage.

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