Fly Fishing

Fly caught summer steelhead from the Hoh River.Flyfishing for trout on the small streams around Packwood, Washington was what really got my love affair with fishing rivers started. I have yet to catch a steelhead on my flyrod, but I also have not given it a very strong effort. Every year I get the itch to pull out my flyrod and go after these wonderful fish, but never seem to find the time. There is some kind of mystique that surrounds catching steelhead on a fly, that has always attracted me.

Instead of trying to offer tips on fly fishing for steelhead, I suggest you visit Dennis Dickson's Fly Fishing website. You can find the link to it on my fly fishing links page, and you will find much more valuable information on his site than I could ever give you. I will however update this page with any information I learn whenever I attempt to hook a steelhead on a fly.

On August 1, 2001 I hooked my first steelhead on a fly! What a feeling, and although this fish came unhooked, it lit another fire in me. Since then I have began to hook steelhead on the fly more frequently, and each season finds me spending more time chasing steelhead with the bugrod in hand. In 2005 I landed three nice summer runs on a fly, and during the winter of 2006 I hooked over fifteen winter steelhead on my flyrod.

As I continue to progress as a steelhead fly angler I will try to share what I learn here. Once again my passion for pursuing these magnificant fish has been renewed and it appears I'm heading back to my roots of chasing trout on the stream with my flyrod in hand, ....and boy does it feel good!


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