Queets River

This is one river that I really enjoy fishing, but have rarely done well on. This has a lot to do with the fact that I have not had much luck in timing my trips out to the Queets to fish it during ideal conditions. It seems that every trip I make out there is after an extended cold snap which has the river at extreme low levels, or during a steady rain which has knocked the river out of shape for the extent of my trip. But I keep making the trips out there and know that one of these days I will arrive as the river is dropping into shape, and have a chance to battle with the huge native steelhead that travel these waters.

Much like the Hoh River farther north, the Queets is of glacial origin and usually carries a fair amount of glacial silt. Only after an extended cold, dry spell will this river run with much clarity. A glacial green color is the norm, which tends to offer the large native fish some cover. Because of this added cover provided by the glacial silt, it is not uncommon to find these fish in fairly shallow water. Don't neglect to fish the soft pockets close to shore.


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