Tying the Basic Bunny Jig

Tutorial by "Fllyfishy"
Start by gathering up the materials you will need. You can select any colors you like.

Now mount your jig head into your vice. You can use whatever color head you want. I like some the same color, and others to contrast. Start your thread on the hook shank as shown. Trim the tag end close.

Continue to wrap the thread back down the hook shank until you reach the point of the hook. I then pinch down the barb(optional).

Now select a rubber band or I use rubber leg material for your shrimp holder. This step is optional, but if you fish your jig tipped with bait such as prawn, I would not omit it.

You now want to fold the rubber leg in half. Place it on the top of the hook shank and secure with a couple of wraps. Once it is secured to the hook shank, continue to wrap forward to really secure it. Remember to try to keep the wraps as even and as smooth as possible.

Select your color of rabbit you would like to use and trim the hair from the hide about 1/8-1/4 inch. This will allow you to mount it to the hook without all the hairs getting lumpy, and the body will remain smooth. Place the hide on the hook as shown and secure with a few wraps of thread. I use crosscut strips, they will lay nicely on the hook. They should lay with the hair facing the bend of the hook. If it doesn't, reverse the strip and try it again.

Continue wrapping the thread to cover your tie-in point and up to the tie-off point. This jig will have two colors, so I will leave room at the head for the second color.

Start wrapping the rabbit around the hook shank. Ensure that you have each wrap next to each other as you wrap toward the head. I like to wet(lick) my fingers and stroke the hair back as I wrap. It helps the fur to lay back and it comes out neat. The next three pictures shows the wrap to the head.

Now you will need to tie off the rabbit you just wrapped. You will want to secure it with a few wraps of thread.

Ensure that you have completely secured the strip and trim close as shown.

You now want to cover the cut end completely, so you have a nice tie-in point for your next material. If you only want a single color jig, wrap to the head before you tie-off.

Now tie in your second color just like the first. Remember to trim the hair first. Wrap completely to the head, stroking the hair back with each wrap.

Now secure the second color with a few wraps of thread, trim close, just as before.

Cover the cut end with wraps of thread until it is completely covered.

You now have to tie off your thread. There are many ways to tie a whip finish. I will try to show you the one with no tools. I personally use a whip finishing tool. First lay your fingers on the thread as shown. Next, flip your hand over to form the cross in the thread. Now wrap the bottom thread over the top thread and around the head of the jig. Read that part again. Wrap it four or five time around and then pull it tight prior to removing your fingers. If that does not work throw a few half hitches around the head, pull tight and trim the thread close.

Now you need to finish the head. I use the product shown, but you can also use super glue, your wife/girlfriends/significant others clear nail polish, or a drop of clear lacquer.

You are now finished. Sit back and take a look. The finished jig is shown below.

Thanks to Fish for helping with the pictures. I hope you like it.