A Novel Alternative for Roe

Tutorial by "Brian"
Raw prawn meat is an outstanding bait for steelhead and salmon fishing. It is a tough bait that will stay on your hook for many casts. Here is a quick tutorial on how I prepare my prawn meat for steelhead fishing. It is very simple and only takes a few minutes.

1. I like the 51/60 count raw prawns that you can find at your local grocery store

2. Here they are before peeling the shell off of them:

3. And here they are after peeling the shell off of them:

4. Cut them into pieces about the size of your little fingernail. At this time you can dye them with any commercial bait coloring. I usually use them just the way they are, but occasionally I will dye them a light pink color:

5. Then place them into small ziplock bags and place them in the freezer until your ready to go fishing:

6. When on the river simply place a piece of raw prawn meat on the hook of your jig like this:

Thats all there is to it. These baits will last a long time in the freezer and hold up well while on the river. They are a very durable bait and are not as messy as roe. You can also use these on your drift gear just as you would eggs or sandshrimp. I have had great success with prawns tipped on my jigs for both summer and winter steelhead as well as salmon, especially Chums.