Build Your Own Spinners

Tutorial by "Brian"
You will need the following components. Hook, split ring(optional), shaft, body, bearing, clevis, blade & swivel

Start by placing your hook or split ring on spinner shaft. On this spinner we are using a split ring for easier hook changes in the future.

Then add your body and slide it onto the preformed shaft

Add the bearing

After that add your blade and clevis

The next step is to make the eye of the spinner, start by grasping the shaft with your pliers approx. 1/8" - 3/8" above the clevis.

and form a loop with the tag end of the shaft.

Add the swivel and twist around the shaft...

...two complete revolutions.

Next, use your pliers to center the eye on the shaft.

Then trim the excess with your wire cutters.

Add tape and tubing(optional)

On this spinner we will be adding adhesive tape to the back of the blade. Cut a rectangular piece of tape to fit the back of the blade.

Peel off the backing and place the tape(centered) on the back of the blade

So that it looks like this

We will also be adding tubing to the hook shaft on this spinner. Moisten the tubing with saliva.

Push the tubing over the eye of the hook.

So it looks like this.

Add the hook to the split ring on your spinner, and you are finished.

I have also put together a video on this as well. You can find it here: Building Spinners Video

Making your own spinners can save you a bunch of money and produces a much higher quality spinner than you can purchase in the retail stores. It also provides you the opportunity to experiment with different color combinations and body styles. The resources listed below will help you find spinner components and additional reading to assist you with building and fishing spinners for steelhead, salmon and trout.