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ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, A Short Handbook

ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, A Short Handbook PDF Author: Paul Flynn
Publisher: Paul Flynn
ISBN: 0953917924
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Languages : en
Pages : 170

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Book Description
This non technical account is based on the author's experience of recovering from ME. It mixes tips on physical factors such as sleep quality and diet with a Bible based approach to dealing with spiritual root issues which led the author quickly to healing. Paul Flynn is an author of short stories, articles and language teaching texts for students of English in China. In 2001 he moved to China from London with his wife Choi. They currently live in Hong Kong. His other works include 'The Arrow of Elisha, ' 'Mary and the Prayer Patterns in the Song of Songs, ' and 'Healing in the Delay.'Author Review: I would love to be able to point to a moment when I received divine healing and that was the end of it. To my embarrassment, it never happened. I had to deal slowly with physical factors, finding the kind of short and sharp exercise that deepens sleep, gradually increasing the angle of tilt at which I needed to rest, discovering that all supplements are worse than useless in the acute and chronic stages (because they 'boost the immune system' when the illness is caused by an already highly active immune system). Dealing with spiritual roots went on at the same time. The physical and the spiritual went hand in hand. I healed while sorting out both, but I could see no connection between the two.The roots of sickness amount to failure to hear the word of God and keep it. At the heart of modern western culture there is an error, the belief that all religion is good, that there are so many different ways to the same destination. The Bible warns against this idea on just about every page, telling us that there is only one Healer and that all blessing comes from worshiping him alone and leaving the others to one side. Once I woke up to this truth I began to heal, and to heal quickly. It astonished me that a simple switch in thinking could have this effect, but that is how it happened. I didn't need to 'try hard.' I only needed to have faith in the only Healer and to steer clear of the others. Some people object to the 'spiritual roots' approach to healing because they feel it implies that the person is to blame for being sick. It doesn't. Jesus explicitly rejected that idea that sick people are more guilty than others. Don't let this issue prevent you from identifying your own spiritual roots, because it is the key to real and lasting healing. If you can get the roots out, your healing is secure. If the roots are still in, then even though you cut the tree down until it is invisible the sickness can make a comeback.