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Interview with a Spiritual Warrior

Interview with a Spiritual Warrior PDF Author: George Macias
Publisher: Covenant Books, Inc.
ISBN: 1645594475
Category : Fiction
Languages : en
Pages : 254

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Book Description
This book documents my unique, firsthand experiences as a spiritual warrior for the Lord Jesus Christ. For the past fifteen years, I have been battling evil entities in the spiritual realm, and thanks to the Lord, I have successfully overcome them. To begin, the Lord had to teach me how to enter the spiritual dimension and travel outside of my physical body. This book details my becoming a spiritual warrior of the Lord. The Lord called me to my mission in 1984 when I was visited by the Blessed Mother, who gave me the Lord's graces and blessings and awakened me to my spirituality. Since then, the Holy Spirit has guided me, increasing my acceptance that I had a special gift. As a truly charismatic Christian, I have been blessed with the miraculous gift of being groomed by the Holy Spirit to fight spiritual battles on behalf of those whom the Lord has guided to me. The Holy Spirit has taught me how to fight these battles not in the physical world but in the spiritual realm of our Lord. Through this miracle, I have traveled to the stars and beyond, to far distant planets, and to other dimensions outside of our galaxy to do the work of our Lord. This book documents my fifteen years of experience as a spiritual warrior. In a world full of ever-increasing reports about people who have had spiritual encounters, I have experienced life after death, and as a warrior, I have personally battled evil entities. In 2014, I received a message from the Lord that instead of visiting people in their homes to pray for them, I needed to write a book on my spiritual battles. By writing the book, it would enable me to help not just hundreds of people but literally thousands throughout the world. I believe our salvation depends on having a deep awareness and understanding of our spirituality. People also need to connect with their spiritual side in order to become successful and fulfilled in life. We all want to live life to the fullest. This book will help the reader to accept the Lord's blessings and the Lord's graces, unlocking the secrets of your spirituality. It will give people hope and increase their faith.